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Originally Posted by ryan41 View Post
I have a capitol one credit card that i can only use up to $200 on lol. it hasn't really helped so much. I had my dad pull up my credit score at his work. I guess i must of missed a payment because my score was in the 500.
You guess you missed a payment?.. I'm not expierianced in this field but I have plenty exp in business and in personal finance. If you " guess " you missed a payment then maybe starting a business isn't for you. Credit needs to be taken very seriously, escpecially in this economy. I pay my credit cards off in full every month an don't pay interest, every penny counts. I have a 760 credit score an work hard to keep it there.

Stay organized with your bills and always pay on Time. Make a spreadsheet of your bills an when there due or start a file cabinet.
Good luck Danny
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