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Finished!!! All 156 pages! I have definitely learned a lot, it took about the course of a week, of an hour here and there and I've been on tonight for the past 4 hours. Certainly worth it. I'm taking your approach in regards to the company logo and putting it on everything! I love my logo and I will be getting truck graphics this year, buying an enclosed trailer and getting graphics on it also, once I sell my wb's and buy a Lazer Z I'll get some company stickers on there also, and even my logo on my graphics/number backgrounds kits for my dirtbikes, as well as the front of my plow after I repaint it. Building a brand, it's the only way to do it! I've also taken your advice of "figure out what you are good at...and do A LOT of it" and I have it in my signature. I saw that you had posted it multiple times throughout the course of this thread, it is an absolutely ingenious quote.
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