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Figuring out costs

So I have been working in the industry while at the same time slowly building my business. I am going full throttle this year but have a few things holding me I may have put the chicken before the egg here but last fall my local Toro dealer had some good deals paired with 0% for 48 months, I bought a 60" Z with collection system, 48" Grandstand and a Giant Vac truck loader. Now that I have the equipment I need to figure my hourly costs in order to get make what I need to pay the bills and stay profitable. I honestly never really paid attention as I just bought my old mower out right to make some beer money and was never really worried about the pay back. I think I have a good idea of what I need to do so if you guys could give me some pointers if I;m we go

So I know I will need to break this down per piece of equipment as some things are not always used, such as the bagger. For examples sake though this is what I think....
I paid roughly $23,000 for the package, now assuming I run the whole package 30 hours a week and want it "paid off" in 3 years do I just take the number of mowing weeks in 3 seasons, multiply it by 30hrs and then divide the 23k by whatever the number ends up being?? And then just apply the same formula for each piece since things like the bagger and truck loader will only be working 1/4 the time?? I'm no math wiz, barley passed it in high school lol, but am I on the right track?? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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