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I'm thinking of doing 2500. Comparing Bob's prices to the price sheet my UPS store gave me (I have a mailbox there) of color both sides & glossy.

Design - $150
Print - $275
Bundling - $30
Mailing @ $.145 x 2500 = $362.5 so $365 roughly.
Total: $670
That seems way too cheap?? My doorhangers were $350 designed, printed, & shipped plus I paid $130 for them to be handed out.

For a 6x12 (Idk why their sizes are so off) it's .44 each so = $1100
PLUS design fees. They do specify that they print, bundle, the mailing manifest (w/e that is??) and bundle cover slips for your entire mailing will be completed and your mail pieces will be delivered or shipped to the appropriate Post Offices.

I don't think Bob will send them to the post offices but the ones I'd be sending them from (3) are within 10 miles so that's not a big deal.
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