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We're not buying apples at the store.
If we were I'd give you a $10 and tell you to get some already.
We are buying an automobile, one of life's major expenses.
It is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly.

Among the research involved you'll need to find out how much insurance is going to cost you.
Just for example, insurance on an F-350 is likely going to be higher than on an F-250.
At your age, commercially, we're looking at well north of a thousand dollars a year.
That is why this type of research is important.
A per-mile cost might narrow it down, but you have to know upfront what you're getting yourself into, guaranteed a vehicle costs three to four times more than just the fuel that goes in the tank, then it will need maintenance.
All these things you need to consider and be full and well aware of, long before you buy it.

More than a few people do not understand how to valuate a used vehicle, many more seem to think that it involves haggling regardless of the sticker price. Most used vehicles for sale are overpriced, and a long ways too, this hasn't changed and likely never will.
Some even think it costs more today than it did when they bought it new.

These are all people from whom I would not buy a vehicle.
Why, because I don't purchase items from folks who don't know what they are selling.

Fact is there exist so many used vehicles on the market.
The easiest way to ascertain the vehicle is to take an honest approach to the vehicle's condition, and take down all pertinent information, then plug the information in to a Blue Book price calculator and there you will have the price you are looking for.
The Blue Book price of a vehicle is what the vehicle is worth, assuming all is exactly as described.
It's not what the seller thinks or whether it's red or look how pretty it shines, cars are tools.
An automobile is worth what the Blue Book value of the vehicle states it is.
Some vehicles for sale have the actual Blue Book price on the sticker.
Very few do, most are anywhere from slightly to severely over priced.
But those few that are out there, bring cash, all of it.
Don't haggle with people asking for the right price.
You can try and get a little off, but bring ALL the asking money.
Assuming the test drive and all of that ascertains there aren't any major defects...
If you purchase a vehicle that fits the Blue Book value, at least you're getting what it's worth.
It is a smart purchase, an automobile is ultimately a tool.

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