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Thinking of starting up again

Last year my business was a failure, but been milling it around in my head to start up again this year. Its been on my mind and has been keeping me up at night.

I still have most of the equipment to start up again, truck, 48in Scag wb, a kawi trimmer, and access to my original trailer that I started with (sold it to my brother). Would just need a blower, and eventually my own trailer, so start up cost is relatively low.

A few things that I'd change is use a different source of advertising/marketing instead of service magic, better control over money, find another truck to keep one for work the other for personal use (in a pinch as a back up), keep it stupid simple instead of overthinking everything, grow slow and end up getting stuck with its (meaning more control over bidding, physically walking the properties, more in depth with it period). Remember to relax and slow down once in a while.

The good thing is I have probably the best soon to be wife in the world. She already wants to help out, doing invoicing, wants to learn to do the bidding, answering phone calls and helping out in general. She's working as a teachers aide for special need kids and wants to get a teaching position.
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