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Just an update on this. I've been casually browsing trucks online a lot in the last year. Saw one last night that I liked so much I went ahead and checked it out in person today and ended up coming home with it! It's a 2007 F-150 XLT with the 5.4. It has 39K miles on it and I got out the door for $15,000 including all taxes and BS fees. Looks super clean inside & out. Like I said, I've watched the truck market a lot in the last year and feel like I got exactly what I wanted for a great price. Hard to believe that an 07 is going on 6 years old now, lol. Oh well, I like the look of the 04-08 F-150s better anyways. I feel like the 09+ ones are a little goofy looking, no offense to anyone.

So there are deals to be had, but start looking well before you need that next truck if you can so you can wait out what you want at a fair price. I'm going to keep using my old truck for a little while and enjoy having a clean, new (to me) truck for a few months at least

Oh and while I did get this at a dealership, I found it on Autotrader. I would recommend you guys check that out as I was seeing some better deals than on Craigslist or the dealer's own sites. Best of luck guys!
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