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Techo Showcase & Showcase Project

The techo showcase project was very nice. I liked the design. But man, the color of the materials really got to me. Did anyone else find the material color to be on the dull and drab side?

It is such a huge project with a huge amount of square footage of pavers on the ground, that the color make it appear gloomy. Anyone else see that?

Thats always been my biggest complaint about Techo - the colors in my opinion are not vibrant.

Pete is getting better. No mention of his "7 countries" this year. I guess Matthew Rusk-A-Roni got the point across! LOL

Pete did mention that if you Google his name, you will find comments with people negatively saying "Pete said this and Pete said that". And then he said he doesnt care what people say and doesn't want their business (RUSK)! LOL I think he wanted me to know he has read Lawnsite! He doesnt care, but he felt the necessity to bring it up! Sometimes in the business world it's best to not say a word, regardless of your personality at home with family and friends.

What happened to Big Joe? Anyone know?

Still alotta time spent on selling us the door hangers and mailer cards. I think around 1.5 hrs of the showcase was on door hangers. For the 5th year in a row. I should help Pete out and I do the door hanger speal. He can relax and eat breakfast and I can do his speal word from word

I caught two times where he contradicted himself (each time 2 different subjects).

HE does a great job with the Showcase. If he ever quit Techo - Techo's showcases would be history.

"It's You vs. You"

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-1 CAT hat
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-12 pairs of underwear, ranging from Joe Boxers to Jockey, many are in need of replacement. (no more photo requests please)
-hundreds of t-shirts. Some w/ grease stains, some torn & tattered.
-7 pairs of jeans, ranging from Levis to Polo to GAP. 1/2 of them have holes in 'em.
-1 belt
-1 pair of old worn out Nike shoes.

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