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Originally Posted by southerlawn View Post
So after much searching on walk behind mowers, I have decided on a brand new Hustler Trimstar 48" got it for $5150 out the door taxes and all. ( thinking this was a good price ) Thinking for now I'll start my fleet with a walk behind mower, Stihl blower and Shindawa weedeater ( Haven't decided on models yet any input?), and my other mower that is a Husqvarna 52" rider (not zero turn) which is a heavy duty mower has fab deck and designed to mower 5+ acres per day. Also undecided on a 6x12 open trailer was thinking of borrowing my brother-in-laws (he rarely uses) only needs new fenders and jack vs. speeding 1500 on an Anderson brand of the same size. Any thoughts greatly appreciated
Being in the mountains need to remember what ever type trailer you use, be sure that it never out-weighs the vehicle pulling it. From personal experience driving on flat land, I would venture into a dual axle, with electric brakes on both axles. When you get in dire need of braking, (idiots on these "Fast N Furious" cars locking up in front of you),,,you will need all the breaking you can get. personally, after 5 years and several vehicle/ trialer combinations, I have switched to a 2007 GMC 16ft box truck. NO trailer. best move I have ever made.
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