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That's a very good post, I started out with a ranger hauling all my gear in the bed, then I bought 5x10 had a the usual stash of trimmers and stuff and a troy built 44" mower, Then I bought my first commercial mower a grandstand, then another 21" if which had to go in the bed of the truck, my poor lil ranger was struggling though, the 3.0 V-6 wasn't cutting it. I found a great deal on an 05 F-150 loaded for 10K so I went for it, it was like going from a VW to a cadilac, I now have a 6.5 x 12 trailer which now has two Standers two 21" and all the usual crap, Sometimes I hate even having this size of setup, wish I was back to my ranger and 5x10, I could zip around and not worry about all the stuff you talked about. I couldn't even imagine going to a 7x16 or bigger, what a pain that would be.
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