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I am not sure if that machine is an anomoly or if the new series has problems. The guy on here has not posted anything in a while, so I am not sure where he is at with his machine.

There is a guy on HEF, who is largely an idiot, was a major JCB fan, well before he bought one. He got his machine about the end of the Summer or so and now you dont here anything from him. So I am not sure if he is having issues with his new JCB or he for whatever reason just doesnt post anymore. Considering how vocal he was prior to his purchase, and now you here next to nothing, I sense a problem.

Personally I would not buy one, there are too many other quality machines out there to risk your money on a JCB. Lastly no matter how well it may run, you will see a significant reduction in value over about any other brand sold in North America. The only factor that would change my mind would be if I needed the side access for safety. That may trump the downsides of the machine.
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