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This is like what, the fourth or fifth person asking for feedback this month who has ripped off content and/or images from other sites? And they all say the same thing: "it wasn't ME, it was the person who built my site!" So if they're telling the truth, what kind of shyster lowball hacks are these people hiring? Clearly this is a widespread problem.

A professional web designer doesn't do this. They don't copy and paste other people's copy, they use a lorem ipsum generator and use that as a placeholder till a) YOU supply them with copy or b) you hire a copywriter to provide content. Same thing with images, any decent designer doesn't (wrongly, stupidly, and unethically) think anything found via Google Images is fair game and yoink it.

Get a clue, people. If the response is "well I'm getting a great deal on this site" that's short sighted. I know a blogger who was sued for $20k for using an image without permission on her site. She thought she was doing the right thing by identifying the source and linking to the photographer, but the bottom line is that you don't own the rights to an image or text until the creator says you do.

We're talking about your brand, FFS. Of all the places to cheap out, this isn't it if you have any hope of elevating yourself in your market.

And if it's someone local building your site, you have my permission to dopeslap him/her for doing this crap.

Anyhow, to your site issues: like Tony pointed out, the difference in the quality of photographs is astounding and makes it SO OBVIOUS that the pretty ones aren't yours. It's not just that in the ones that (I think) are yours the lighting is weird and they were taken at an unfortunate time of year. It's that the stock photos are beautifully composed shots of impressive things, and the others are... why am I looking at some random untrimmed bushes and a porch railing that needs repainting? The beauty of digital cameras is that experimenting is cheap. If there's something you think is worth photographing, take 100 shots of it from all different angles, then go back and select the one or two that work. Remember that that picture is there to sell you.

Your About page: you repeat the company name like it's a radio commercial. It's annoying, but more to the point this page tells me nothing about who you are and why you're better than anyone else. You want customer satisfaction? So does everyone else. Tell me HOW you get there better than anyone else. And do a serious grammar check, or have a fresh set of eyes do it for you if you've been staring at it forever.

As for the rest of it, get your own content in there and I'm happy to weigh in.
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