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Originally Posted by SullysAllSeasons View Post
Yea for sure overhead as well, but I kinda figured those calculations would work out the same. I have a per mile cost down on my truck and trailers. You make a good point about what you need to make daily/monthly, but I know what my bills are and what I want to make, just wondering how to make sure I am achieving that, maybe the same questions and maybe Im over looking th answer but is there some sort of formula to throw all these numbers into and come out with a solid number in the end???
The formula you are looking for has to be developed by you because everyone has a different operating costs and profit needs. The key is knowing what it costs you to run per hour/minute and then figuring out if that $40/week house is making or costing you money. I have my costs broken down to the minute so I can price my work accordingly. For example, I know that my $40/week house takes 17 minutes to finish (from the time I arrive til the time I pull away) and it costs me $25 so that gives me a $15 profit.
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