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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Well, I don't have a leaf vac but my plan would be to completely empty out my 7x14 except for the Z/bagger and dump in the front end of it on a tarp and park the Z behind the leaf/clippings pile. Should be able to dump a fair bit of material up there, at least a half days worth when I can go at lunch and dump, and then do another half days worth and dump at the end of the day.

I have seen the ease of the DFS but am not certain it would be an advantage unless yes, you have a loader system. I would not plan to dump on-site at too many homes unless they have wooded areas which not many of mine do.
In that case of dumping in a trailer do a dfs. Factor 1 to 2 mins per dump with bags. Compared to 20 secs with a dfs. 30 loads per property would add up fast.

My experience from using a twin barrel trac vac to a claimshell. 2 claimshell dumps to 1 trac vac dump. It does not seem like it takes long but it does.
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