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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
OK, that is what I thought... very few systems will put out adequate water for 1/2 of a week in 12 minutes...

You'll want to look at the soil, to see if the root zone is dry, to make sure,,, but my guess is that you are letting your grass die from lack of water... if you have a sandy texture for your soil, there is a very good chance that if you boosted your irrigation volume, a lot of your problem would go away...

Bottom line is,,, you can't tell by looking and feeling the top of the grass to tell if you have adequate moisture in the roots...
Sorry to sound stupid but what do you mean by look at the soil and see if the root zone is dry. What actions do I take to investigate the soil.

I thought the brown patch fungus comes from too much watering and people are saying I'm overwatering?

So you are saying I should water more? More days or more per zone? How many minutes per zone?
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