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Originally Posted by mss222 View Post
Sorry to sound stupid but what do you mean by look at the soil and see if the root zone is dry. What actions do I take to investigate the soil.

I thought the brown patch fungus comes from too much watering and people are saying I'm overwatering?

So you are saying I should water more? More days or more per zone? How many minutes per zone?
1. Force more drought (environmental conditions allowing) than usual for your nornal watering schedule. Yes, it is correct to say too much water enables BP. There are many ways to have too much water in the soil,,, many things factor this. Over watering your case? Maby. In the end over wet soil is the problem. Finding the trigger will ensure you know, "WHY".

2. If you must mow avoid active areas especially the fringe,,, the outer, highly active ring,,, has a nice golden to twist look. When the golden color fades out and your left with green grass and a white to light brown color, activity is greatly dying out. GOOD NEWS. Mowing at this point may be OK. Especially if foliage spoors are coated with a fungicide. Any areas normally dry,,, no golden glow and a good 3ft away from any glow should be OK to mow now. I'm not one for collecting clippings but when you have BP this can minimize more so spreading through mowing,,, if your nervous about mowing.

3. Don't force issues,,, meaning try not to force recovery. Your environmental conditions through April are favorsome. Helping your turfgrass take advantage of this will out perform forcing recovery. That will be more grey for you but that's the separation between getting professional aid or doing it yourself. The most important tools are learned not taught,,, because there's no way to teach them they require self teaching because its something you see not something you touch. Recovery ability will be based on all these factors.
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