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Originally Posted by sjlc2013 View Post
I am in the market to purchase a new mower and need help deciding between two mowers.

I have narrowed my options down to two mowers:
2013 Grasshopper 325D 61"
2013 Scag Turf Tiger 61'' with a Kohler 29 HP Fuel Injected.

My goal is to purchase this mower and not have to buy another one for 10+ years. I am going to put about 300-400 hours per year on the mower, and want to be able to mow in all conditions.

Any recommendations are welcome!!!
Both of those machines are really good. As slowleak said i would think the Scag is a little better quality but not by much. 300-400 hours a year at 10 years is 3000 to 4000 hours.. While that fuel injected Kohler is good you probably wont get half those hours before needing replaced, while the diesel if taken care of you might just get those hours without needing a new engine. Now if the diesel Scag was an option i would say the Scag.. But demo both and you decide...
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