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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
You really like 4 stroke stuff I guess. I've never seen let along used a 224. It is a good bit heavier (11.24 vs 9 lbs) and has less horse power than the 323 (1.07 vs 1.2) but if that's what you like go for it. It is rated to use less fuel and is probably quieter as well. But the 323 is just so light and well balanced that I can one hand it without a problem when I need to...great for reaching under low branches and down slopes.

The only problems I've had with my Husky stuff is the recoil on the 124L trimmer that I bought for my son, but that's a homeowner unit and they have since redesigned that recoil assembly. I use it as a backup unit now but it's outlasted my expectations.
My MTD is 13lb. I did no't think was all that heavy I am very strong man one of my nicknames is grille hands because my big hands and strong.
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