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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post

Seems the only people that CLAIM to get results from this stuff.....
1)...don't have a clue how a carburetor works...
2)...don't have a clue as to the problem that this potion actually fixed...if any...
3)...its true....there's another SUCKER born every day....
Maybe so. All I know is that a generator that had been sitting way too long would not start no matter what I did until after I got a generous dose of Sea Foam into the carburetor bowl and let it sit over night. I had tried cleaning the varnish out of the jet before using it, but could not get it clean enough to run. Sure, there are other solvents I could have used to dissolve the varnish, but Sea Foam worked. I have since used it on other engines that were showing signs of carburetor gum up and found it got them back running fine. It's not a cure-all, but if it is going to work it is quick and easy and not too expensive, so it's worth a try.
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