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Originally Posted by krzys555 View Post
i need some help when it comes to seo.

for on page seo.
i have unique content with at least 250 or 300 words per page.
for targeted key words such as "lawn care darien" ect
what should be my keyword density on the page?
what elso should i be doing?
Not worrying about keyword density would be a good start. If you write naturally, you'll ultimately produce the right mix, and use your keywords where they're appropriate (naturally-written content, Title tags, H tags, etc).

Your blog will also be of help. Write good material and this will really catch the attention of the right people/engines.

I would sweep through your site for grammatical missteps, spelling errors and missing capitalization. From "Your the judge" (should be "You're" and that sentence should be written as reads a bit English as a 2nd language with "Your the judge, we will re-do anything in question for FREE, if our work is not excellent by your standards.") to your Lawn Mowing Service page file being spelled "Lawn-Moing-Service". I also see instances of no spacing between the period ending a sentence and the first letter of the next.


for off page seo.

I am lost.
back links, blog posts, web 2.0, directories, ect i am trying to understand it but i keep getting contradicting information on what is goo and what is bad.(white hat/black hat). i am interested in doing white hat seo.

could you also recommend some good seo books, or forums, or pages
I would do some things now, because they can take time, and worry about others while you focus on, and refine, your site. If you hit and run a search of your business, you'll see some immediate areas of need. Creating those citations and The Big Three Local Pages (google, bing, yahoo) will take some time, quite literally, to produce results.

Off-site content production, via blog posts or useful article submissions, can be done as you have time, but really, this should be a situation where you take care of your own house first.

Other recommendations:

- Your Services page's links to the sub-services really shouldn't be launched as new windows.

- To my eyes, the home page presents a lot of information, with little presentation finesse. You give an "About Us" level of information, but the actual About Us page features a thin paragraph.

- Your footer is a textbook example of keyword stuffing.

- You have a stray, gray "Testimonials" in the footer of each page.

- I like the Services page. Easy to read with the content appropriately compartmentalized and drawn attention to. To me, this is the exact opposite of the way your home page presents itself. One is easy to read, the other seems like work, if that makes sense.

- Your meta descriptions look good. When pulled back with organic search results, they provide a compelling reason to click. Your "about us" one could use a bit of reworking. "About Us at Zawadzki Landscaping. Professional's in the lawn care service industry that are fully licensed and insured". I would lose the lead sentence as it will just repeat the name of the search result immediately above it.

- SEO recommendations, each review that gets done here usually has a couple of links to Google and seoMoz's Beginners' Guides, and I'd highly recommend those. If you haven't done so, I'd also set up Google and Bing Webmaster accounts.
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