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we are using seo moz pro.
we are running ranking reports.
and thats about all i get from there reports.

i have to admit English writing is not my strong suite. i have a civil engineering degree. English was useless for me and i struggled with it. i grew up here in the USA but my parents use a second language in the house. they speak english fine but prefer to use polish. I finished 2 years ago to find out there were no more jobs.

we have created goole local and it is verified. bing/yahoo will come next.
i have set up google analytic's and webmaster tools. did not do bing webmaster tools.

i was not sure what to put in the about us page and have not finished that content. working on it

for the testimonials in the footer. i plan on putting a couple testimonials but not sure how to do it.(look wise) if even to do testimonials there.
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