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Originally Posted by krzys555 View Post
i have to admit English writing is not my strong suite. i have a civil engineering degree. English was useless for me and i struggled with it. i grew up here in the USA but my parents use a second language in the house. they speak english fine but prefer to use polish. I finished 2 years ago to find out there were no more jobs.
I had a hunch, but no worries. Spell checkers catch most of the typos, but grammar is another story. If you need help proofing your site, just let me know when you're done and I'll be happy to do a run through.

for the testimonials in the footer. i plan on putting a couple testimonials but not sure how to do it.(look wise) if even to do testimonials there.
With all of the other things you have going on with each page, I would probably just put them on a testimonials page or pepper them throughout the site, maybe via a pull quote style.
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