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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
We do pick up but if it's late in the week, someone is going to get skipped that week, there are only so many days in the week, I guess we could start working on sundays also, NOT! we worked more than our share of sats last year for sure. We should be ok this year we are much better equipted than last year for the rain at least that's the plan anyway. I started out just putting "march service" on the invoices but then got request for specific dates, people are just leary until they learn to trust you.
I am using Quick books for my accounting and at the end of every service day, I enter all my clients information into their perspective invoices and beside the particular service description I insert (01/14/13). everyone, every time!

As far as money throughout the year, this has worked well for me. 3 commercial clients. All three have 3 year contracts. All three pre-pay Quarterly, all three have been renewed for a second term. All three receive a slight discount; (usually 3-5% annually) for having a 3 year contract and pre-paying.

Bank Accounts: Find a banking system that does not charge a minimal balance fee. I have been with Bank of America for 3 years, and have never paid one single banking fee....ever.

Do not following the spending credentials set forth by our political leaders. You cannot spend, what you do not have.

You can shear a lamb many times, but you can skin him only once!
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