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there is no issue reeling it in, i pulled out the entire hose and tried it out yesterday.. i can stand to the right side and do it no problem, or even behind the tail gate and reach it just fine, no need to remove tail gate (which is what i thought i was going to have to do). manual reeling this thing was not as near as bad as i would have imagined, the 3/8 inch hose is easy to deal with.. i guess removing the tailgate would be ideal though, but not necessary as far as i can see so far.

one thing that sucks for me but i will just have to deal with is having to put my dry fert and back pack sprayer between the sprayer and the cab. But i will just have to construct something or cut a pallet in half to set back there so that its not so much of a reach to get a bag of fert out.. but still, something i'm willing to deal with.. anything is better than trying to blanket app yards with a backpack sprayer.

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Cute little unit. I want one. I don't even know Only problem I see is where the thing sits you are going to have a very difficult time reeling it in. I have nothing against a manual reel for a small unit like that but ergonomically it's all wrong unless maybe you use a tailgate net but those look like ass.
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