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Originally Posted by imow in NC View Post
I am using Quick books for my accounting and at the end of every service day, I enter all my clients information into their perspective invoices and beside the particular service description I insert (01/14/13). everyone, every time!

As far as money throughout the year, this has worked well for me. 3 commercial clients. All three have 3 year contracts. All three pre-pay Quarterly, all three have been renewed for a second term. All three receive a slight discount; (usually 3-5% annually) for having a 3 year contract and pre-paying.

Bank Accounts: Find a banking system that does not charge a minimal balance fee. I have been with Bank of America for 3 years, and have never paid one single banking fee....ever.

Do not following the spending credentials set forth by our political leaders. You cannot spend, what you do not have.

I liked everything you said here............until you said Bank of America! I had nothing but problems with them, we closed all our accoutns with them and went with a local bank. I guess different strokes for different folks
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