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Rookie install question: Connecting to galvanized mainline?

Hello everyone,

After doing service and repair work for the last few years, I'm now getting ready to do my first install - at my own house.

So, yesterday, in preparation to have a plumber come out and install a PVB, (complying with local codes here) I had a labor crew come to the house and dig up my mainline where it goes under the foundation.

When we found the mainline, it turned out to be a 1" galvanized steel line. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at this; the house was built in 1933.

So, here's the deal. This is probably a dumb question but I ask it because I don't know the answer. How do you tee into galvanized pipe for a new install? (Or more to the point, how is the licensed plumber I hire to install the backflow going to do it?)

I figure there's gotta be a way because of the number of irrigation systems I see on older homes around here, but still... HOW? Not only is it steel, it's all rusty and grody on the outside from having been in the ground for gee... 80 years. He cuts it for some kind of tee fitting and then what is there? Two rusty old pipes?


Any pitfalls/hazards/tradeoffs/caveats/warnings to take into consideration?
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