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Originally Posted by deerewashed View Post
the guy at bobcat veered me away from the rent to own program due to the intrest rates when it comes time to purchase.
he did tell me/recommend to me the lease program they have.

Here are the rates i got please give me some input on these.

Both are for a 4 year lease:
bobcat t650- fully loaded, bucket and pallet for around $1000 a month(wouldnt get it fully loaded, so it would be less.

bobcat e42- open cab, thumb 2 buckets. $800 a month.

for these prices i feel as though i might as well buy for similar monthly rates, without the worry about having to give it back, especially for the few numbers of hours it will be used, due to constantly getting in and out.
Youe need an excavator with a reduced or zero tail swing like the E45 or E 50
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