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Peoples solicited me for a loan from them. So I finally decide it would be a good idea and the banking industry collapsed the very month I went in with my application. Loved the way they turned us down we are sorry but we can not offer you a loan at this time because your gross sales are under $200,000. Now considering I had to provide tax returns and our last year at that time was $199,600 I found that denial to be a Little offensive. We went back years later with over 200k in sales and still got denied. I use them because they have supermarket locations that are open till 7 pm and they are open on weekends. But that is getting old 5 or 6 times this past year I went in their hours to find they took the day off for one make believe holiday after another. I will be researching remote deposit this winter and will likely make a switch. I like the idea of scanning the checks at the office and getting out of deposit slips and making time to get to the bank and stand in line.
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