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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Plz, don't take this personally... but this is NOT really about you product line... this is ONLY about soil health... Soil Health, and the Cultural Practices being meaningless terms in these discussions...

You like to say that this has been spoken of many times before... but may I say that :
"... When using chemicals, the cultural practices are not as important because then it is possible to grow grass even on concrete, but there are health and environmental consequences. Cultural practices become more important when working to improve soil health and being able to grow healthy turf with less detrimental inputs. Adding the appropriate microbiology will over time improve the soil and over time less applications are required. ... " tells us nothing of the habitat between beneficial microbes and pathogenic microbes...

It is speech that is often referred to by those who can see diversion from the "Real Issue" as ,,, you guessed it,,, Diversionary Tactics...
My point is,,, and will continue to be,,, that what youtry to call educating the listener is nothing more than empty platitudes using meaningless cliches...
Again,,, I'm not trying to be offensive,,, so plz don't tell me that I can't understand the difference between healthy/synthetic soils... "Synthetics are NOTeven at issue here... Microbial Habitat(whether beneficial or pathogenic) is the ONLY issue here...

So - What's the difference???
i don't take it personally at all and I'm not talking about my product line. It's unfortunate that you believe I am being diversionary.

I just spent the last week in intensive classes on organic land care. To try and sum that up by typing a few paragraphs is beyond my capability. Nor do i have the desire to spend as much time on forums these days. But here's a few hints to microbial habitats: generally beneficials prefer aerobic conditions and pathgens prefer anaerobic; plants tend to feed exhudates to benficials however this process is reduced when plant recieve synthetic nutrients.

If you are truly trying to understand any subject in depth you must do your own research and come to your own conclusion rather than just posting to forums. As I mentioned you have a great local source in Bob Posthuma who can speak to your questions in depth. Have you called him yet?

Some info here on microbial nutrient cycling.

And you may want to sign on to this.
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