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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
turfmd101, mss222 said he was watering ONLY 12 minutes twice per week...
That misunderstanding has driven this thread into mass confusion... i.e., too much water is NOT likely the problem with 24minutes/week of irrigation...

The problem is most likely drought conditions... Either way,,, this is what you'll want to do:
Use a sturdy spade or shovel and push it into the turf as far as you can,,, open up a wedge by moving the shovel forward and backwards... at this point you should have a visual into the root system and even get your hand into the dirt to feel the moisture level... like sticking your finger into a potted plant to see if it needs watering...
It would also be helpful to take a little sample of the dirt and rub it between your fingers... if it is Gritty like grits then it is sandy ,,, if it is greasy like fresh Play-doh then it is probably clay,,, if it is crumbly like old dried out Play-doh then it is possibly good soil...

Doing these little steps are as important as they would be in maintaining a window box watering... once you find out where your soil is at, then follow turfmd101's step #5...
Hope this helps...
smallaxe, please do not take this as a challenge response,,, for I enjoy reading your post most and respect your fair, respectful insights. I don't always come a cross so respectful. My trust and respect in the industry, face to face, is my strongest mechanism. On keyboard,,, my fingers do the talking and look what they said about my face. Working on the connection... "those that know me GET me"...

Here goes... I do not factor in any of his irrigation info because there is only IMHO,,, ONE WAY TO H2O your landscape,,, as I had discussed,,,AS NEEDED...
For this reason alone,,, since the HO never mentioned the reasons for his irrigation schedule he made it up, or someone did, without using important factors that do not follow a schedule but undoubtedly MAKE IT,,, I would go against my view on Proper Irrigation Management and he doesn't know it exist to make his schedule.

I can not replay or review the things which may have created his dilemma but I can tell you,,, in my time in the field,,, there are a lot of things that can go wrong but only a hand full of problems that create from these. I believe this because we only primarily use a small arsenal of tools ( 3 types of pesticides, nutrients, soil
amendments, irrigation and our BRAIN) for all most issues.

In my experience BP needs what all things require,,, a formula to exist. BP's can not exist and survive under drought conditions,,, the dryer the harder,,, the wetter the easier,,, he is real active. Drought in Fl normally causes either drought damage or chinch bug then death if left unattended. IMHO,,,properly dried turf disables BP's trigger. He has it... over wet is not a matter of a schedule as much as it IS a matter of FACT. Its something that shows in the life that uses it. Whether its up/down.

No doubt his root system is littered with issues, ( good ones, desiccated ones, anchor roots with minimal fine hair feeder roots, swollen roots from nematodes, roots 2" to 8" roots, it was probably muck base sod and that will cause soil surface areas in week, hot sun conditions to become hydrophobic after over irrigation and rain have ceased to continue. JMHO.

That's some cliff notes to my observations of the HO pictures. I see what he has as most and after 26 years of seeing the same pictures with the usual issues. I also see the same old trail of disaster and it always Leeds to irrigation. Mechanical damage,,, another story.

I don't believe in mystery in the environment. But I do go by a certain set of factors and condition effects all created from the same recipe just a change of ingredients and I've tasted most versions.
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