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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
turfmd101, mss222 said he was watering ONLY 12 minutes twice per week...
That misunderstanding has driven this thread into mass confusion... i.e., too much water is NOT likely the problem with 24minutes/week of irrigation...

The problem is most likely drought conditions... Either way,,, this is what you'll want to do:
Use a sturdy spade or shovel and push it into the turf as far as you can,,, open up a wedge by moving the shovel forward and backwards... at this point you should have a visual into the root system and even get your hand into the dirt to feel the moisture level... like sticking your finger into a potted plant to see if it needs watering...
It would also be helpful to take a little sample of the dirt and rub it between your fingers... if it is Gritty like grits then it is sandy ,,, if it is greasy like fresh Play-doh then it is probably clay,,, if it is crumbly like old dried out Play-doh then it is possibly good soil...

Doing these little steps are as important as they would be in maintaining a window box watering... once you find out where your soil is at, then follow turfmd101's step #5...
Hope this helps...
Originally Posted by gunsnroses View Post
Here is an extention service link (I dont believe this has been provided yet)

It should clear any bad, good, complicated or wrong information previously given.

Watering (as needed) is what you need to work on the most, and is pretty hard to figure out.

Unless you pay for a full service company, it may be wise to "nerd" out a bit and really figure out your irrigation system. Paying someone may be wise, but that is your math equation to compute.

good luck
I looked at that site and I am wondering it a lot of the areas that no longer have green and look dried out are from chinch bugs. I was told by the previous owner that his whole yard had chinch bugs in them at one point and ruined his grass, and that he paid to have them removed, but maybe they came back? How would I be able to tell.
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