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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
A fertilizer is only as good as the soil that it goes onto... w/out a decent CEC and adequate air/water ratio,,, most of the NPK is irrelevant...

Does that make sense???

Why fert? Grass grows right, I,,,I mean,,,that's what it does right?

For me N mostly exhaust stored plant energy.
If mowing stopped forever,,, "turfgrass application company's exist because mowing company's exist". Applicators PUSH growth! Not SUPPLY it! If mowing ceased,,, they'd go out of business... All turfgrass health would remain because as important as manual watering for critical structure in the landscape,,, its need is outgrown with maturity...maturity resist pest alone.

If turf fertilizer applications stopped,,, mowing company's would survive.

Turf grass will mature and grow successfully on its own if you know how to help it do its thing,,, much more successfully than being pushed to do what its naturally doing anyway. Nothing desires to be forced. Nothing alive anyway...JMHO.

In Florida I see St. Aug growing in sidewalk cracks (long term), or 3 feet out into a lake or even in an abandoned lot,,, hard packed, all just left alone and GROWING!

I also agree with your soil purposes and I believe if most turf grass was just left alone to do what it genetically was born to do,,, even poor soil or poor soil conditions could be self defeated by turfgrass...

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