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I'm glad that works for you. for me it works this way.

each and every client signs up once through word of mouth after the initial estimate and I work for them until they actually tell me to stop. at the end of each month I send a detailed invoice of the work actually completed and within 14 days I receive a check in the mail.

clients like it this way as they are free to come and go as they please. not that I want clients going but I don't want anyone to feel obligated to use my services. if you wish to cancel, call at any time and I will get you a final invoice.

as for banking. I use chase for both personal and business. never have had a single issue. I've never paid a single fee for a min even when my accountants did have a min. currently though my business and personal accounts are linked so there is no min for either.

staying away from contracts or service agreements saves me a lot of headaches I feel and keeps people from looking for discounts. I do not give any discounts for any thing, reason or person.

different strokes for different fokes and I'm sure one of those different fokes.
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