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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
In 2012, nearly 70% of the country suffered severe drought. USDA stated that much of the fertilizer farmers applied did not get used due to lack of rainfall. Just thought I'd mention this, cuz it tarted me thinking.
Does it always matter what type of fertilizer one applies? Maybe so. Maybe yes. Not sure really sure.

I never used to, but .... from now on, I will promote more core aeration (especially in the fall). During the past 2 or 3 years, most folks around here aerated lawns in August & September when we were still under drought conditions. Hard/dry soil - then only pulling out 1/2 inch plugs. But we always waited until we got rains to allow good plugs -- might be late October or even late November. I aerated my lawn in late November the past 2 years. Plenty of soil moisture, nice plugs, and even the weather was warm (just have to keep an eye on the forcast).

my 2 cents
IMO,,, Yes it matters. Does the study indicate that specific nutrients did not get used? Fertilizer is many nutrients. Better to know which ones got wasted. I'm sure the drought ignited fight in the turf for survival,,, and enzymes from the root system said "we need something",,, "this environment's getting tough". "Properly modified irrigation practices are helping but I need proper nutrition for strength under these conditions,,, but not N because under severe drought I like to slow down for conservation of stored nutrients to survive this condition". "By the way I know the difference in sufficient rain fall and faking it with irrigation so know matter what you do I'll shut down enough to survive because I know this an environmental drought condition and I CAN SURVIVE". "You just have to help". "Don't try to force me". "I can do it, but you will not discover what my nutrient needs are currently looking on the bag analysis in a supply store of any type". Learn the specific combination of nutrients needed in surviving varied environmental conditions. Then I am sure nutrient waste will improve and nutrient specific fertilizers will hold optional value. Until then. FERT & SQUIRT & ROLE.
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