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Originally Posted by PR0 TURF View Post
JContracting...I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the thread!

I'm glad you mentioned that quote...I say that often and still struggle to follow it at times. I will occasionally get us involved in jobs that really don't fit our typical scope of work, but I take them on anyways. When I do that I often regret it, we rarely make the margins that we should and overall it's just not worth it. It is great to follow. Many of the successful chains follow a very similar Five Guys Burgers...all they sell is Burgers & salads, shakes, chicken fingers, subs, pizza etc etc...they found out what they're good & efficient at and they maximize it. There are tons of places like that. It's easy to slip into the trap of being everything to every customer that calls the office. Some people do succeed being a jack of all trades, but it doesn't work for us. Don't become that old saying...Jack of all trades, master of None.

That makes a lot of sense with other chains. Although I've never been to a Five Guys, I would like to try it . Being as my company is still in a start-up stage, we offer everything, with the exception of hydroseeding however if a client/prospect asks for it I'll find a way to get it done, I can easily find a subcontractor for that in the mean time. I have yet to find exactly what we're good at as a company and I firmly believe this year will be the year I'm able to figure out what my company will want to do. But maintenance will always be there, great cash flow. One thing that I really don't like (if I was to figure out that my company doesn't like doing irrigation for example) is saying to someone who calls/emails and having to say that we don't do that. However recommending them to a friend's company that may specialize and only offer irrigation services could work out. I guess I answered my own question. How did you decide what your company was good at?

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