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Originally Posted by carlriv View Post
Not sure I'd call it gaming, maybe, but certainly trying to make google see my pages and display them in a search for the towns I want to work in.... If there are better things to do I'd be happy to do them. I know some other guys sites that show up in their hometown at #1 but no other towns.
There's a simple rule of thumb that tends to be a good one to adhere to. As an amateur web site creator, if you know you're trying to game the system, and it took me a quick glance to see it, you can rest assured that Google knows it as well. I think people really underestimate exactly what Google looks for and how they look for it.

If you have an H1 tag, Google recognizes it's content importance. If you have -1000px left margin, Google might not pay attention to it, other than to wonder why this web site has something that's 1000px off screen. Now, if you play Google Algorithm, you might bump those two pieces of data together, and then factor in the content, which in this case is business and location data, which would result in coming up with the question, "Why is there an H1 tag, H2 tag, and additional location content being shown 1000px off screen?".

The same goes for Footers. Google realized long ago that Footers were havens for keyword stuffing. As with my above example, an algorithm can identify the Footer, mostly because everyone labels it as such, and then bump it up against known spam/stuffing tactics. Your footer links stand out because they are just that. Links tied to keywords. From a human standpoint, you can't read that sentence and actually gain anything from trying to decipher it.

Landscaping, Littleton , Westford, Acton , Boxborough, Concord, Carlisle, MA, Massachusetts, Landmark Maintenance and Construction
That's just a string of pure, linked, keywords. When I click those, they go to what really are just garbage pages. I don't say "garbage pages" to take a shot at you, but because, really, they exist for no other reason than trying to rank. The only differentiation between those 6 pages is the H2 city name. The content is the exact same, which is just a very thin paragraph.

There are quite a few resources to look at on this topic: footer keyword stuffing

I was climbing in the rankings for a while, but I seemed to have dropped back down some... At least I can be found somewhere though it may be page 4,5,6 before I was nowhere within the first 10 pages.
Was that with a previous site or this one?
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