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There is someone in our neck of the woods selling organic products and on his website many articles of the pro's of organics and the unacceptable practice of using chemicals. He has a pet peeve towards any who promote organic products but still use chemicals.
That's funny because I dislike those who promote organics but are not realistic but dishonest to not admit that the organic products available to us today are not practical for running a business.
I am doing the best I know with what is available but as of today a 24D like product and pre-emerges are necessary. Corn gluten works for the homeowner but it is not practical to apply and too costly for a business.
Organics can work for the farmer but for the residential business it is like having a farm with 300 or so different plots. Each plot has different soil conditions,each plot has mowers and irrigation companies not on the same page.The cost for the homeowner is too costly.
You "forward" people keep pushing organics and the man you voted for might make an executive order to regulate the products that keep a lot of us in the business of giving the people what they want,weed free and green lawns.
I too don't like the dead zones and am doing something about it in my programs. I do not see any truth that 24D or pre-emerges are so harmful especially when supplemented by organic products like tea and compost where people will pay for it.
Because of the organic,natural products and equipment I use my chemicals are greatly reduced. I have eliminated synthetic fertilizers except for bermuda yards but this is the last year for that.
I hope we can go forward and develope effective,affordable products that work in preventing and eliminating weeds
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