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Originally Posted by ARP View Post
Hi Yellow,

I didn't have a S330 but we did have a T320 that had the same engine as the one you had in the S330. When we went from the T320 to the T770 I noticed the ease in servicing that you noticed but only a slight increase in power to the mulcher head. By slight increase I mean that the head seemed to spool up a fraction of a second faster and seemed to stall slightly less when under load. Overall it just seemed like the machine has a little more hydraulic "torque" the the T320. Unless you can get a great deal on a 770I'm not sure it would be worth the hassle to upgrade at this point for a marginal increase in power.
The T320 had the same hp rating as the 770 if I remember correctly at 92 hp. The 330 and the 750 are "detuned" down to 85 hp. Otherwise, specs on hydro is the same. From the T320 down to the S770, you lose .5 gpm but pick up a little more PSI. Not sure why Bobcat does that.. going from 37gpm to 36.5.

Maybe I should wait and see what's in the offering later with the It4 motors. I have heard that gpm and/or pressure increases were coming. That would be a reason to upgrade. Last summer I upgraded to a 2 speed mulcher head. It is amazing what I can cut but the machine is bogging down a little more than my 330 did. I remember when I went from an s300k to a 330 (202 cu in. to 228 cu in motor).. big difference in power to dig and support the mulcher. So I started thinking about the extra 7 hp.. could it support something like A/C and hydro fan and leave a little reserve for the pump? Just not enough info and unlikely I'd ever get a demo from my dealer so I'm left to make an educated guess.

I appreciate everyone's input...

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