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Some recommendations for your site:

There's actually no need to negative margin your address information. You have the info in your header, but it's a graphic. If Google is penalizing you, it's for something that's not at all necessary. Just create the actual address there. You can style it to look the same as what you have, but it will be actual, on-page content.

Menu: You have capitalization inconsistencies.

Home Page: Visually, the "Welcome To Landmark Maintenance and Construction!" looks odd. There seems to be a line break after "Welcome".

Is this sentence of "We are available for commercial snow plowing, sanding, and loader service. Dependable Reliable Insured" supposed to be part of the intro paragraph? I'm showing it detached, below the content picture.

Maintenance/Landcape Pages, etc: I would recommend fleshing out some of the content. Seems to be lists, with no supporting information or education.

Images: Add descriptive alt tags, as well as supporting context. As a potential customer "Job 1" "Job 2" doesn't tell me anything. Same goes for your construction page. You've got some good pictures, but I have no idea what I'm looking at (or should be looking at).

I would also optimize your images. They are very large file sizes

If I click them, the image opens directly (not in a gallery or navigable page, requiring my browser's nav to get me back to the main site). From a consistency standpoint, you treat images on the brush mowing page differently than the rest of the site by having them open in a gallery slideshow.

On the Snow Plowing page, you have your logo in the content body, which looks like a degraded version, compared to the on in the banner.
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