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I will have to look at your comments more in depth tomorrow, but for now... I dont know what your talking about for much of your first post. H1, H2, off screen??? I just filled in info on a wordpress theme, and I dont know exactly where all the tags go. I did find it odd that the wordpress theme had 2 title, 2 tag, and 2 keyword lines to fill out.

The individual town pages will be geared a little more toward each town eventually, but I think they will still be similar. I was thinking about removing the keyword links for each town and just having the pages, but not listed on the homepage if thats an option.

The text that you mention "we are available" is supposed to be separate text that I can easily change to highlight different things, perhaps I can make it look a cleaner.

Certainly photo captions etc were my next big step, but maybe I need to look at other things first.

Thanks, all constructive
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