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I asked above, but it would really help if you would fill us in on your ranking decline. Is this the same site you've been using, or is this a new one? Was the drop in rank after you switched over to this site/template, or before, or...?

As another bit of advice, if you haven't done so, I would strongly recommend reading through previous site review requests. Many of the issues your site has are covered in just about every review.

Originally Posted by carlriv View Post
I will have to look at your comments more in depth tomorrow, but for now... I dont know what your talking about for much of your first post. H1, H2, off screen??? I just filled in info on a wordpress theme, and I dont know exactly where all the tags go. I did find it odd that the wordpress theme had 2 title, 2 tag, and 2 keyword lines to fill out.
In searching the web, I see that your theme is responsible for this. For a theme to use this as a standard piece is a huge red flag, especially if their documentation is not clear about it. It looks like it's probably triggered by something in your admin, so that if you are not using a header image, it will show your text instead. If you use a header, it shoves it 2000px to the left. The problem is that it defaults to an off-page mode that is a huge negative in Google's book. (I don't have time to fully dig into that one, so if anyone else feels so inclined, I'd be curious if you take away the same thoughts I have.)

The simplest way to explain the "H1, H2, off screen" thing is that you have content on your site that...isn't really on your site, at least visually. If you set the CSS of something to a negative margin, like margin-left:-2000px;, this will shove the text off screen. Take your left hand and hold it out in the air to the left of your monitor. That's where your info is. It's there specifically for the search engines, albeit Google doesn't like to see it. It's similar to another tactic that involved white text on white backgrounds, or hiding content by turning off the visibility.

The individual town pages will be geared a little more toward each town eventually, but I think they will still be similar. I was thinking about removing the keyword links for each town and just having the pages, but not listed on the homepage if thats an option.
At this point, I would just work the other towns into your content and then add the pages when they are ready. As of now, they're really just detracting from what you're trying to do.
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