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Originally Posted by Schrock Lawns View Post
Theirs a company around here called merchant mailer that's like eddm but it's a booklet of different avertsisments and much cheeper about 1.5-2.5 cents designed printed and mailed per house depending on howmany you do . My question is what kind of coupons should I offer almost every add in their gas some type of cupon. I was thinking like 500off a 2500 install 10-20 percent off when they sign a full maint contract and Mabey like 2 mowings free when they sign a mowing contract or something I'm just kicking around some ideas gonna meet with the guy tommrow to talk about it
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I get those in the mail, they go directly in the trash... But thats just me. 500 off of a 2500 install is a pretty hefty discount. i wouldnt go that far. Good luck
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