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I know your probably set in stone with the front, but if it were me, i would change some things. First, i dont mind the generic pictures, is shows people what you do, with simple professional images. Secondly, the white box with your name, logo, info, and contact info, i would change to blend into the design more. For example, i would darken the images a little bit, and make your logo lighter, and fade the background a little bit so you can see your wordage without having the square box. Thrid, if im not mistaken, i see 5 different fonts. I would try to make your Logo and phone number one font, and then all your other words in another font, and put your contact info(ie emails/websites) in italics.

I am working on my direct mail campaign right now, but i really want to show you what i am talking about. If i have some time i will try to re-design the front of your card and send you a pdf of it. I want to help you get the best results. I have taken a lot of college Marketing and Advertising courses and you really want to avoid a lot of different fonts, and avoidable boxes on your design. Your design is so colorful, make your wordage blend like you do on your trucks. Make a Brand for yourself.

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