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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
If there's not a local art supply shop near you, a great little small online retailer is . Their prices are competitive and the selection's awesome. Here's what I would set you up with if you were designing and selling for me:

- 0.5mm and 0.9mm mechanical pencils
- white eraser
- Staedtler pigment liner (pens) set of 5, black
- architectural scale
- engineering scale
- 45 degree triangle
- compass
- large circle and small circle templates
- zipper pouch to carry this stuff

That's what I carried with me to work at the design job I mentioned above, and it was sufficient for me to sell over a million dollars in installs in six months.
I have my agenda planned out for tomorrow we have lots of like art supply stores and if all else fells im sure staples has alot of stuff. I looked online for Survey Plot and have not had much luck i know alot of customers i am currently working on little jobs for wont have there property survey, Do you know any easier way to obtain theses?
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