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Hey proturf I have read the entire threat took me 5 hours today but well worth it ! I think sean Adams would be proud lol !! But as we talked on pm I am in your place back in 01 now ! But with more properties just not a lot of equipment ! In my area we have a company started back in 04 and they have grown really fast and he has expanded Into other cites and set up all new shop what do you think about that like going 50 miles away and making a home there as well as where you are ? Ever thought about it ? Also must say this thread is really really good I have not read this much quality material for free in a long time ! When I get to your level I hope not to be rude and be an ass to everyone I hope I stay grounded and willing to give a helping hand to any one ! Just as you have done ! This post makes me want to logo everything and give away free t shirts because I have an advantage my uncle and I have a t shirt shop as well as I do graphic design so why not use my skills !! That picture with the blowing leaves was to die for man that crisp image with the leaves stuck in motion mad skills !! One more question do you recommend using like a nation wide management company like I use fm facility maintenance they send us a lot of work to do hourly jobs and things do you ever use any one like them ?
Is it hard to gross over a million in landscaping ? How long did that take you if you don't mind me asking just would like to have something to look forward to ! (Sad face lol )
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