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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I've never heard of anybody here speaking of bugs in QB.

Tell us about "automatic invoicing." The template is YOUR choice. You have the opportunity to establish many different templates in a library, keep as many active/inactive as you wish, and have the choice of which active one to use when creating an Invoice.

What problem is there to fix? Support for QB is for a limited time after activating the license, not unlike any other software.[/QUOTE I have disabled all templates except for mine and qb still randomly changes memorized invoices to the "disabled " system default template. As far as bugs, 75 percent of the user comments on Amazon for qb are negative because of bugs and bloat.
The automatic invoicing is memorized invoices that automatic post at specified intervals, but it is useless to me because qb randomly changes the templates on me. Therefore I have to do one at time making sure each transaction is using the correct template. In the spirit of the Obama phone girl.... QuickBooks just sucks.
Hire a bookkeeper to help you set it up properly. Cost you less then a $100.
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