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Originally Posted by Grzube View Post
Last season we ran a 30" Toro Timemaster to see if there was going to be a savings in time on certain lawns we cut. Sure enough, the 21" was put aside on one of our crews, and the fight over who was going to use the 30". My personal opinion on the machine. First we cut 1/2 acre and larger, normally run 48" zero turns and 48" tbar w/b and in those smaller areas the 21". After using the the toro 30", there was time saved, even in some areas where a 48" was used the 30" did a faster and better job!!!
Now Toro has a new commercial 30" Turfmaster that runs about $1800.00(down here in Montreal Canada), and we are going to add one for every lawn crew. We use the 30" 25-30% more then the Tbar on a regular basis, once you used the mower, the manouverability and speed is amazing!!!
With your experience last year with the Timemaster, why are you switching to the TurfMaster?

Thanks for the thread this really interests me.
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