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Which ride-on to purchase

Hi all, first posting here on LawnSite. Were looking to get a couple new machines in the next couple of weeks here. We've been running Permagreen machines since 2003. Started out with 2 Centri's, then upgraded to 3 new magnums and last year bought 2 new triumphs. We now have 2 magnums and 2 triumphs. Our new Triumphs in my opinion are the biggest pile of crap money can buy. At least 1 day every week i had to do repairs in the field, if somebody less mechanically capable than I were using the machine, one day a week would have been wasted. Not to mention i called Permagreen on 3 occasions to discuss the issues the machine has and all 3 times i was told someone would call me and i never got a call. I was always satisfied with our Magnums other than the spray system, i got decent weed control but never had great confidence in the permagreen spray system. I do love that the Permagreens can be transported without a trailer and that saves a lot of money. I have been doing research and cant quite come to a decision on which machine is the best. I have been doing some research and have started to lean toward the LT Rich Z-Sprays, probably an intermediate and a junior, however i definitly have reservations about having to tow a trailer around everyday. I definitely enjoy the ease of driving and turning around without a trailer and also I don't know if we could fit all of our vehicles in our warehouse if we were towing trailers. I'm also concerned about fuel mileage and since we use Ford E-350's we are at 9900lb gvw so we are just under the requirement for needing all the D.O.T inspections, medical cards, etc. But if the Z-Sprays or any other ride-on is worth the extra hassle then i would have no problem getting a couple of them. I'm in Michigan and treat about 500 customers in my part of our routing each application. average lawn size about 20,000sq ft with some as small as 3000sq ft and some as large as 800,000 sq. ft. I am open to all suggestions. Z-Spray? Turfco? Turftracker? Turfex? Ground Logic? and please leave reasoning as to why one machine is better than the others. Thanks
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