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Originally Posted by Raymond S. View Post
The Zspray is irreplaceable. Only drawback is they're big, requiring a trailer. I run out of an enclosed trailer anyway and have thought about using a sprinter style van. Even then I don't know that it would be large enough. I'd like to be able to load a skid thru the side doors and then load the Zspray in the back. At the end of the day though using a trailer is a small inconvenience when you see how much more efficient the Zspray is. BTW, pretty sure MI is no longer 10k lb for DOT requirements. From what I've seen its now 26k lb. We are still DOT compliant but I was going to do more research because a lot of guys around here have pulled their DOT numbers off.
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Thats what they say. I'm still compliant too. Only thing that changes for me is no more medical exams, which in my opinion were the only real hassle. The rest was easy as far as carrying things and stickers and the fact that I never had my truck inspected.

I think they got rid of it because of all the people calling them asking questions. I just complied and moved on. I don't have time to worry about that or write my congressman because of some stickers and a physical and I think most of the trucks I see need a good damned
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