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I take a somewhat different approach to aeration marketing versus how I market my other services. The biggest problem with marketing aeration is that not many people know or understand the true benefits of lawn aeration. In my opinion, lawn aeration is the single most overlooked lawn care service in a homeowners eyes. I just don't think homeowners know that lawn aeration is worth every penny we ask. For example, I was aerating my neighbors and another neighbor asked if I could do his lawn. After we agreed on a price, he asked me what aeration does! I asked him why he decided to have me aerate his lawn even though he didn't know what it does and he replied "I saw my other neighbors doing it and figured I should get it done too."

With that in consideration, I try to heavily educate homeowners of the many benefits of lawn aeration and then have a plug-in saying that we offer that service. Last fall, I did a lawn aeration sweepstakes where I gave a free lawn aeration service upto 1/2 an acre. Through the sweepstakes, I was able to educate many homeowners and almost all the entrants had me aerate their lawn even though they may not have won.

My suggestion: Sell the benefits of aeration, not necessarily the price.
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